To: jeremiahproject

Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002



Porn addiction


I was a husband a father of three children, Christian, volunteer, management type of work, and also addicted to pornography.  It was affecting my life in damaging ways.  I was on a downhill sled that was going to crash.  My addiction to pornography was kept in check somewhat until computers and the Internet was available.  Now all those things were available in the privacy of my home.  This was a terrible combination.  If this sounds like you, I would like to testify to the grace of God and the help of Norm Fennimore.  Norm is a Christian man who never judged me but loved me enough to help me back.  His strictness and his love of God will help you get off that down slope.  I found his sessions enjoyable and demanding as we together found the root causes of my addictive behavior.


Some of you reading this are kidding yourselves, donít fight this alone.  You have prayed to God that you will never read pornography or go to a strip show, but you slipped and fell again.  The feelings after failure lower your self esteem and the next fall is easier.  God is willing to help you, Norm is willing to listen and prod you.  The combination will help you to recover.






To: Jeremiahproject

Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Subject: Alcohol addiction


Without the Jeremiah Project, namely Norm Fennimore, I donít know where Iíd be today!  But because of Norm, I can gratefully say that I am in a happier and much healthier place.


I was 25 year old when I had my first baby, and my husband was in college full time.  I soon found that a drink would help to calm my nerves after a particularly stressful day.  After 12 years and 3 children later, I found that the drink that calmed my nerves a the end of the day had become many drinks to calm my nerves during the day and the night.  I had totally lost control of my drinking and it totally controlled me.  It was majorly interfering with my mothering and with my relationship with my husband.  I had to do something, or I was going to lose my husband and my children!


Thank God He led me to Norm Fennimore and the Jeremiah Project!  Norm was there whether I needed him day or night.  He counseled me in a compassionate, caring, Christian atmosphere.  He helped me deal with many issues in my life that were driving me to the bottle instead of to God.  He taught me how to deal with these issues in a much healthier manner.  Jesus had been the center of my life, and I had slowly pushed him away to choose the bottle instead.  Norm helped me to bring Jesus back to the center and to totally get rid of the bottle!


After I was beginning to improve, Norm also counseled my husband and I as a team!

Our marriage had become very stressed because of my drinking and our marriage was on the line.  With Normís compassion and perseverance, we were able to mend our relationship.  It wasnít always easy because we needed to deal with a lot of issues that were stressing our marriage, but it was WELL worth it! 


I thank my Lord and God for Norm Fennimore and the Jeremiah Project!  Where would I be without him?  I shutter to think!  I am just about 3 years sober now, and my marriage and relationship with my 3 sons is incredibly better.  Sure, there are still stressful times, thatís life, but now Iím equipped to deal with those stresses in a much healthier manner!


Thank you Norm!


In gratitude,



To:  Jeremiahproject

Subject: Teenage son


After many prayers and hours on the phone, God led us to the Jeremiah project.  We thank God and praise Him, because Norman Fennimore, and the Jeremiah Project made a big impact on our family since we called him and his services.  We were having problems with our son.  He was teenager who was traveling down the wrong road of life with no specific direction or desire for to anything worth while.  As many other teens, he was involved in drugs and alcohol.  Not knowing much about either, we turned to the Jeremiah Project.  We tried a few other counselors, but our son did not connect with them, and we were getting frustrated because we did not know how to help him.  He did not want anyoneís help, especially one he did not feel comfortable with.  We saw our son continuing to spiral downward with each passing week.  Once we got in touch with the Jeremiah Project, things started to change. 

We met with Norm first, without our son.  Norm listened as we told our story.  It was nothing he hasnít heard or experienced already.  With his prayers and guidance, he was able to put our minds at ease, and wanted very much to try to help us and our son.  After a few meetings between Norm and our son, our son said ď Norm is cool, I feel like Iím talking to one of my unclesĒ.  Norm knew where our son was with his drug and alcohol use.  He somehow knew what would happen next in our sonís life.  What he told us was not always what we as parents did not want to hear.  But, he told the truth and the things he said would happen, for the most part did.  It was difficult to watch our son doing nothing with his life and feeling helpless.  We feel blessed to be able to cross paths with someone who is willing to help others who are going through what he himself went through. 

Norm was there for us as parents and family as we were going through this very tough time.  With Normís guidance and many prayers, we were able get our son in a facility where he can get the full-time attention he needed.  Even though our son is not in our daily care, Norm is still very much in contact with us.  We feel norm is a ďrock-solidĒ Christian and his advice and guidance is Biblically based.  We thank God for seed that Norm planted in our son, and there have been many, our son came to Christ.  Praise God. 

With Normís personality and knowledge, we know God will touch many people through the Jeremiah Project.  Please, God, continue to bless Norm and his ministry.



Dear Norm;

 I want to thank you for your time and wisdom.  Also Iíve thanked God for you.  My wife and I have had are ups and downs.  But mostly ups.  We have grown a lot as a couple.  With Gods grace and wisdom we are learning all the time and at times we get to help others with what weíve been through.  I have to keep a check on anger, at times, but with.  Gods help and words these times are very few.  And I grow stronger and wish each time.  The devil does not win and he will not!

Communication is usually a big problem with couples and we had our problems with it as well.  We always make a point to talk about everything.  We have made a new commitment to each other and started over, a little older, a little wiser.  But this time we know that we have God with us.  It doesnít get better than that.

Words cannot convey my gratitude for you help and wisdom.  May God bless you and your family.  And I know that you will touch many more lives, like you touched mine, and that is a huge blessing. 

Thank You



Dear Norm,

      Who would have though that a friendship that began ďat the work placeĒ would have endured after your departure? Writing this letter gave me an insight on the mysteries of God.

      I came to know Jesus Christ as the age of fifteen.  He accepted me for who I was then and continues to love me for who I am today.  I still struggle with feelings of unworthiness but he continues to put people in my life (you) to remind me that he sacrificed his life for my worthiness.

      As a young person I was made to believe that if you were ďbadĒ, Iíd try and hid from God.  Pretend he wasnít there.  However, mercy and grace prevailed!  Through you Iíve come to understand that God loves me, weather Iím good or bad.  He is quicker to forgive than to punish.

     Your ministry has been a blessing to my life.  Youíre helping me understand that Christian isnít perfect just forgiven.  Youíve seen me laugh and cry and struggle with issues I have no control over ( Ephesians 6:12) and have encouraged me to fight a good fight.

     Therefore, I'm positive that my encounter with you was not luck, it was simply meant to be.  Praise the Lord for his mysteriousness!  One doesnít choose who will cross their path, God does.  The question is this ďWhat do you choose to do with the encounter?Ē

     I thank God for putting you in my path and I thank you for being obedient to his calling on your life.  From your obedience, your reward will be great in Heaven!! (Luke 6:23)

God Bless You

All the days of your life, 

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