INSTRUCTIONS: Carefully consider each question and answer either “YES ”or ”NO”.

Yes NO
Do you feel that your over committed and spread too thin?
Have you felt inadequate from time to time?
Do you find it hard to ask for help?
Do you have feelings of guilt when you make a mistake?

Do you find it hard to say”NO”when your asked for help?

Is it hard for you to receive a gift or a compliment?

Do you struggle when interacting with authority (supervisor; pastor; police; etc)?
Are you humiliated when a family member makes a mistake?
Do you often wish someone could help you get things done?

Do you feel that you must give a maximum effort to maintain relationships.

Do you experience confusion over where your life is headed or who you are?
Do you avoid confrontation at all cost?
Do you worry about others’ opinions of you?
Do you struggle with expressing your true feelings?

Have you ever lived with someone who has a drug or alcohol problem?

Are changes at home or work hard to adjust to?

Have you ever been physically or verbally abused?
Do you doubt your ability to accomplish or even consider personal goals?
Do you deal with bouts of rejection?

Is it hard for you to express your real feelings to others?

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5 to 6 Co-Dependency Indicators
1 to 4 Co-Dependent Tendencies
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*IMPORTANT: These self-assessment questions are but a tool to help identify what might be symptoms of addiction. In no way does it replace the evaluation of a therapy professional. If you identify with some of these symptoms consider seeking the assessment of a professional or contacting THE JEREMIAH PROJECT.
( All contacts and services of the Jeremiah Project meet
“Confidentiality” Federal Regulations – Reg.#42 CFR, Part 2 ).

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